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Build An Online Presence 

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Build An Online Presence

Outsourcing Reimagined

We handle it all and let you get back to focusing on your life’s work. We are a private global venture focused on leadership via the use of our highly qualified staff and the latest techs. We offer a wide variety of services that include commercial design, website design and development, website hosting, online marketing and branding, content management, and more.

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Modern, powerful, yet simple

We feed off of satisfying our customers and helping you achieve your goals by creating websites that are convincing and easy to use for your visitors. To satisfy this objective, we develop websites which are tailored for each of your ideas to fit your needs and give you the best possible product for any sized project. Since adapting to change is the key to modern success, BazGlobal will work with you to prepare, and guide you through the online markets ever-changing technology growth, ensuring that you stay on top of your competition.


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Since 1996, we have been serving customers in a broad range of industries, including entertainment, manufacturing, health care, law, and trade shows. Do not hesitate to contact us for service quotes or proposals outside of our normal services that would be mutually beneficial to both parties. We are open for all ideas and will work with you to accomplish your goals..

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We create inspiring/user-friendly websites with features/functions that suit our customers’ needs. We undertake user research throughout each project to ensure that it will generate optimal results. This enhances our ability to save our customers time, and money. Our services include high-quality dynamic website design, digital animation, site re-design, branding, custom programming, hosting and content management.

Web and apps

Accessible on all devices

We custom tailor all your ideas to best fit across all browsers and operating system platforms using the latest technologies. If you are looking for a team of talented developers and designers and are facing challenges with finding top talent, from candidate qualifications, to team dynamics, to economics that fit your financial scale, our unique solution for hiring elite independent contractors addresses all of these concerns.

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support team

We deliver high-quality IT support our clients have come to expect. It means that you can rely on our can-do attitude – that you won’t be on hold with your suppliers for hours when things don’t go as planned. It’s how you know that we’ll take ownership of support problems and pre-empt issues before they happen. We will always keep you informed so you can make the best decisions for your business. You will always have industry leaders to turn to for expert, honest advice.

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